About Sitka

If you're coming to Alaska, you must see Sitka! We are sometimes referred to as the little "Paris of the Pacific". It truly is one of the more beautiful places you'll ever visit.

Sitka has a wealth of history, starting with the Tlingit Natives that lived on Baranof Island. Living off the land, and living very well, this has always been a land of abundance. This culture lives on in Sitka today, a very proud heritage! In 1741, Vitus Bering, a Danish captain sailing for the Russians, spotted Alaska and traded tea, spices, and silk for the precious sea otter. The Russians called it "soft gold". Russian fur hunters and traders flocked to Alaska. After years of battles and strife, Sitka became the headquarters for the Russian American Trading Company. That influence is still seen and felt here in Sitka. Then in 1867 the Americans purchased Alaska for 7.2 million dollars, a very meager amount for such a wealthy land. You've heard of Seward's Folley? Sitka definitely has a history to share with visitors coming to town.

Sitka is a modern and up-to-date city. Our roadways, the buildings, fine arts, educational opportunities, facilities and the growing industries all depict a progressive direction. And we haven't even mentioned the people yet. There are approximately 9,000 of us. You won't find a friendlier, more welcoming town than "Beautiful Sitka by the Sea". Hope to see you soon!

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